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Zebra Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels In Color

We now stock an assortment of floodcoated Z-Perform 2000T thermal transfer labels for Zebra's tabletop and desktop printers.

Please Order Carefully - there is a 20% restocking fee for Zebra labels!
For pricing on less then case quantity, please call.

The labels in this section are for those printers that use a thermal transfer label. A ribbon is required for these labels!

Z-Perform 2000T Floodcoated

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
10006209Blue (PMS 290)4" x 3"1,8404$0.00$0.00$0.00
10006209-1Yellow4" x 3"1,8404$22.15$12.04$88.60
10006209-2Green4" x 3"1,8404$22.15$12.04$88.60
10006209-3Pink4" x 3"1,8404$22.15$12.04$88.60
10006209-4Orange4" x 3"1,8404$22.15$12.04$88.60
10006209-5Red4" x 3"1,8404$0.00$0.00$0.00
10006208Blue4" x 6"1,0004$19.44$19.44$77.77
10006208-1Yellow4" x 6"1,0004$19.44$19.44$77.77
10006208-2Green4" x 6"1,0004$19.44$19.44$77.77
10006208-4Orange4" x 6"1,0004$19.44$19.44$77.77
10006208-5Red4" x 6"1,0004$19.44$19.44$77.77
10006208-6Fluorescent pink4" x 6"1,0004$0.00$0.00$0.00
10006208-7Fluorescent orange4" x 6"1,0004$19.44$19.44$77.77
10006208-8Fluorescent red4" x 6"1,0004$19.44$19.44$77.77
10005725-1Yellow4" x 6.5"9004$21.45$23.83$85.78

Label Width and Height

Understanding label width and height helps to select the correct label for your needs. For example, here is a 2" x 1" label. Almost all standard labels have a ⅛" gap between each label.

All printers have a maximum label width. If you\'re not sure of your printer's specs, you can check the maximum label width of your Zebra printer by clicking here.

Per roll or Per Case

Carefully read others' price/product descriptions. Are they quoting genuine Datamax labels and is the price based on per roll or per carton? Make sure before you purchase that the price you are quoted is a per carton price.