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Zebra Thermal Transfer Labels -3" core/8" outside diameter

Zebra Printer models including 110Xi4, 140Xi4, 170Xi4, ZM400, ZM600, 105SL and S4M

Thermal transfer labels on this page are for use in Zebra tabletop printers that use a thermal transfer ribbon. If your Zebra tabletop printer DOES NOT use a thermal transfer ribbon, click here for Zebra Direct Thermal Labels or call us at 1-800-899-9389 for helpful assitance

Tigerseal Products also features a complete line of compatible thermal transfer labels for Zebra printers. Premium coated bright white facestock labels with a permanent acrylic adhesive at significant cost savings!

Check your printer carefully to see if it uses a thermal ribbon.

Z-Perform 2000T

Thermal transfer bright white coated paper label for thermal transfer printing up to 8 inches per second. Permanent acrylic adhesive offers quick initial tack to corrugated surfaces.

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
10000288White2" x 1"5,50010$8.92$1.62$89.22
10000287White3" x 1"5,5006$14.40$2.62$86.37
10000286White3" x 2"2,7506$12.51$4.55$75.07
10000284White4" x 3"2,0004$15.21$7.61$60.83
10000283White4" x 3"2,0004$15.61$7.81$62.43
10000282White4" x 6"1,0004$14.70$14.70$58.80
10000280White4" x 6.50"9004$13.98$15.53$55.91
10000285White4" x 2"2,7504$15.18$5.52$60.72
10000299White4" x 6"2,0002$29.81$14.91$59.62
10000281White4" x 6"1,0004$11.66$11.66$46.65


Tigerseal brand compatible labels that fit Zebra and Datamax printers. Bright white smooth paper facestock that lets you save money without sacrifing quality or image clarity!

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
Tigerseal logoTT 15-1White1.5"x 1"5,5008$9.86$1.79$78.85
Tigerseal logoTT 158-118White1.625" x 1.125"5,00010$7.75$1.55$77.45
Tigerseal logoTT 2-1White2" x 1"5,5008$11.06$2.01$88.45
Tigerseal logoTT 2-1 2UPWhite2" x 1" (2 up)11,0004$18.85$1.71$75.40
Tigerseal logoTT 2-15White2" x 1.5"3,5008$11.12$3.18$88.96
Tigerseal logoTT 2-15 2UPWhite2" x 1.5" (2up)7,0004$22.21$3.17$88.84
Tigerseal logoTT 2-15 2UP PWhite2" x 1.5" (2up)7,0004$22.21$3.17$88.84
Tigerseal logoTT 2-15 PWhite2" x 1.5"3,5008$11.12$3.18$88.96
Tigerseal logoTT 2-1PWhite2" x 1"5,5008$11.06$2.01$88.45
Tigerseal logoTT 2-2White2" x 2"27508$10.06$3.66$80.48
Tigerseal logoTT 2-2 PWhite2" x 2"2,7508$10.06$3.66$80.48
Tigerseal logoTT 3-1White3" x 1"5,5006$11.24$2.04$67.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-1 PWhite3" x 1"5,5006$11.24$2.04$67.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-15White3" x 1.5"3,6006$14.08$3.91$84.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-15 PWhite3" x 1.5"3,6006$14.08$3.91$84.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-2White3" x 2"3,0006$11.41$3.80$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-2 PWhite3" x 2"3,0006$11.41$3.80$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-3White3" x 3"1,9006$11.08$5.83$66.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-3 PWhite3" x 3"1,9006$11.08$5.83$66.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-4 PWhite3" x 4"1,5006$11.36$7.57$68.16
Tigerseal logoTT 3-5White3" x 5"1,2506$11.20$8.96$67.20
Tigerseal logoTT 3-5 PWhite3" x 5"1,2506$11.20$8.96$67.20
Tigerseal logoTT 35-1 PWhite3.5" x 1"5,5006$13.24$2.41$79.45
Tigerseal logoTT 35-8 PWhite3.5" x 8"7506$12.99$17.32$77.94
Tigerseal logoTT 4-1White4" x 1"5,5004$15.49$2.82$61.95
Tigerseal logoTT 4-1 PWhite4" x 1"5,5004$18.61$3.38$74.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-10 PWhite4" x 10"6004$17.11$28.52$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-13 PWhite4" x 13"4504$17.46$38.80$69.85
Tigerseal logoTT 4-15 PWhite4" x 1.5"5,5004$16.11$2.93$64.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-188 PWhite4" x 1.875"3,5504$21.98$6.19$87.92
Tigerseal logoTT 4-2White4" x 2"3,0004$14.86$4.95$59.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-2 PWhite4" x 2"3,0004$14.86$4.95$59.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-2 WIWhite4" x 2"3,0004$17.19$5.73$68.75
Tigerseal logoTT 4-2 WI PWhite4" x 2"3,0004$17.19$5.73$68.75
Tigerseal logoTT 4-25White4" x 2.5"2,5004$15.61$6.24$62.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-3White4" x 3"1,9004$14.86$7.82$59.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-3 PWhite4" x 3"1,9004$14.86$7.82$59.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-3 WI PWhite4" x 3"1,9004$14.71$7.74$58.85
Tigerseal logoTT 4-4White4" x 4"1,5004$17.11$11.41$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-4 PWhite4" x 4"1,5004$17.11$11.41$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-4 WI PWhite4" x 4"1,5004$14.74$9.83$58.95
Tigerseal logoTT 4-5White4" x 5"1,2504$15.61$12.49$62.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-5 PWhite4" x 5"1,2504$15.61$12.49$62.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-6White4" x 6"1,0004$14.74$14.74$58.95
Tigerseal logoTT 4-6 PWhite4" x 6"1,0004$14.74$14.74$58.95
Tigerseal logoTT 4-6 WIWhite4" x 6"1,0004$13.96$13.96$55.85
Tigerseal logoTT 4-6 WI PWhite4" x 6"1,0004$13.96$13.96$55.85
Tigerseal logoTT 4-65White4" x 6.5"9004$14.44$16.04$57.75
Tigerseal logoTT 4-65 PWhite4" x 6.5"9004$14.44$16.04$57.75
Tigerseal logoTT 4-8 PWhite4" x 8"7504$12.39$16.52$49.55
Tigerseal logoTT 4-8 WI PWhite4" x 8"7504$16.09$21.45$64.35
Tigerseal logoTT 45-25 PWhite4.5" x 2.5"2,5004$20.43$8.17$81.70
Tigerseal logoTT 5-3 PWhite5" x 3"1,9004$18.18$9.57$72.72
Tigerseal logoTT 5-4 PWhite5" x 4"1,5004$17.21$11.47$68.85
Tigerseal logoTT 6-4 PWhite6" x 4"1,5004$19.96$13.31$79.85
Tigerseal logoTT 6-4 WI PWhite6" x 4"1,5004$22.24$14.83$88.95
Tigerseal logoTT 65-4 PWhite6.5" x 4"1,5004$24.46$16.31$97.85
Tigerseal logoTT-4-3 XWhite4" x 3"1,9504$22.15$11.36$88.60

Z-Select 4000T

Thermal transfer bright white coated ultra smooth paper label with permanent acrylic adhesive. Excellent for use on corrugated packaging. Recommended for shipping/receiving applications.

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
72280White1.50" x 1"5,18014$14.66$2.83$205.18
72281White2" x 1"5,18010$13.86$2.68$138.57
800622-075White2.25" x 0.75"7,9954$22.12$2.77$88.47
72283White2.25" x 1.25"4,2408$16.09$3.79$128.72
800622-125White2.25" X 1.25"5,0874$22.12$4.35$88.47
800622-205White2.25" x 2"3,2924$22.12$6.72$88.47
72282White2.75" x 1.25"4,2408$20.68$4.88$165.43
72284White3" x 1"5,1806$21.65$4.18$129.87
72285White3" x 2"2,7406$20.04$7.31$120.21
72293White3" x 5"1,1006$20.77$18.88$124.64
81397White3" x 6"9106$21.00$23.08$126.01
72974White3.25" x 2"2,7006$27.46$10.17$164.73
72286White3.25" x 5.50"1,0406$21.55$20.72$129.31
72287White3.25" x Continuous 5,831"16$23.56$23,560.00$141.33
72288White3.5" x 1"5,1806$22.91$4.42$137.47
800640-605White4" x 6"1,1424$21.25$18.61$85.01
96020White4" x 6"2,0002$26.62$13.31$53.23
92071White4" x 1"4,9704$17.97$3.62$71.86
800640-155White4" x 1.50"4,2254$37.35$8.84$149.40
94682White4" x 10"5504$24.88$45.24$99.52
72297White4" x 13"4404$25.26$57.41$101.05
72289White4" x 2"2,7404$25.30$9.23$101.19
94681White4" x 2.50"2,1304$24.58$11.54$98.30
72290White4" x 2.50"2,2004$24.09$10.95$96.36
800640-305White4" x 3"2,2384$37.35$16.69$149.40
72291White4" x 3"1,8704$30.69$16.41$122.76
72292White4" x 4"1,4104$30.65$21.74$122.60
800640-405White4" x 4"1,6964$37.44$22.08$149.74
800640-505White4" x 5"1,3654$37.35$27.36$149.40
72353White4" x 6"9504$21.66$22.80$86.65
72294White4" x 6"9504$21.66$22.80$86.65
72295White4" x 6"9006$21.16$23.51$126.93
72296White4" x 6.50"8804$22.84$25.95$91.34
73298White4" x 6.50"8404$25.14$29.93$100.56
98963White4" x 8"6904$24.58$35.62$98.30
98962White4" x Continuous 5,592"14$27.50$27,500.00$110.00
72298White5" x 2.50"2,2204$31.61$14.24$126.42
72301White5" x 6"9604$32.27$33.61$129.08
72300White5" x Continuous: 5,831"14$34.88$34,880.00$139.50
72354White6" x 4"1,4102$33.57$23.81$67.14
73909White6" x 4"1,3602$35.07$25.79$70.14
94683White6" x 8"6902$35.87$51.99$71.74
72302White6.50" x 4"1,4102$39.52$28.03$79.03
Z-Select 4000T All-Temp

Thermal transfer bright white coated ultra smooth paper label with an all temperature permanent acrylic adhesive that allows labels to be applied to surfaces as cold as -20F.

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
72305White2" x 5.50"1,05010$18.95$18.05$189.47
72369White2.75" x 1.25"4,2408$24.40$5.75$195.16
97477White3" x 5"1,1006$24.79$22.54$148.72
72371White3.25" x 5.50"1,0406$27.85$26.78$167.12
72372White3.25" x Continuous 5,831"16$27.85$27,850.00$167.12
72373White3.50" x 1"5,1806$29.06$5.61$174.38
72374White4" x 2.50"2,2204$28.40$12.79$113.61
72377White4" x 6"9504$25.85$27.21$103.40
72376White4" x 6"9604$25.85$26.93$103.40
72378White4" x 6.50"8804$27.41$31.15$109.64
94684White5" x 4"1,4404$30.00$20.83$119.99
Z-Perform 1000T 7.5mil Tag

Thermal transfer white uncoated 7.5 mil paper tag stock. Ideal for general purposes ticketing such as retail hand tags and inventory control tags

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
67251White3" x 1.25"3,7506$19.24$5.13$115.44
65156White3.25" x 5"1,0306$16.59$16.11$99.52
67850White3.25" x 7.38"8604$28.91$33.62$115.65
18504White6" x 3"1,6102$29.35$18.23$58.69
Z-Select 4000T 7.0mil Tag

Thermal transfer white coated 7.0 mil paper tag stock. For use in retail and industrial applications including price tags, shop floor tracking tags, and inventory control

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
72352White4" x 6"8604$23.44$27.26$93.75
8000T Tuff 7.5mil Tag

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
69531White4" x 10"4804$56.51$117.73$226.02

Label Width and Height

Understanding label width and height helps to select the correct label for your needs. For example, here is a 2" x 1" label. Almost all standard labels have a ⅛" gap between each label.

All printers have a maximum label width. If you\'re not sure of your printer's specs, you can check the maximum label width of your Zebra printer by clicking here.

Per roll or Per Case

Carefully read others' price/product descriptions. Are they quoting genuine Datamax labels and is the price based on per roll or per carton? Make sure before you purchase that the price you are quoted is a per carton price.

Please Order Carefully - there is a 20% restocking fee for Zebra labels!
For pricing on less then case quantity, please call.

You may also see Tigerseal brand labels included in these results. We sell these compatible labels as an alternative to Zebra labels because we believe they can help your business save money while still providing the quality you'd expect from Zebra labels.
Our compatible labels are preceded with the Tigerseal logo.