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Thermal Transfer Labels

Tigerseal Thermal Transfer Labels 3" Core / 8" Outside Diameter

Tigerseal Products offers an wide selection of thermal transfer labels on a 3" core that makes them compatible with Zebra and Datamax  tabletop thermal printers. Please note that these labels are for thermal printers that use a ribbon. If you aren't sure what labels fit your printer, give us a call at 1-(800) 899-9389.

Our compatible labels are made in America and are designed to save you money without sacrificing print quality. Our labels are topcoated and use a permanent adhesive. They are fully guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction and are manufactured to the highest standard of quality.

For additonal sizes and styles consider Tigerseal Premium Thermal Transfer Labels, Datamax Thermal Transfer Labels or Zebra Thermal Transfer Labels on 3" cores with an 8" outside diameter

Stock Numbers with a "P" indicate that the backing paper (liner) is perfed



Tigerseal brand compatible labels that fit Zebra and Datamax printers. Bright white smooth paper facestock that lets you save money without sacrifing quality or image clarity!

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
Tigerseal logoTT 15-1White1.5"x 1"5,5008$9.86$1.79$78.85
Tigerseal logoTT 158-118White1.625" x 1.125"5,00010$7.75$1.55$77.45
Tigerseal logoTT 2-1White2" x 1"5,5008$11.06$2.01$88.45
Tigerseal logoTT 2-1 2UPWhite2" x 1" (2 up)11,0004$18.85$1.71$75.40
Tigerseal logoTT 2-15White2" x 1.5"3,5008$11.12$3.18$88.96
Tigerseal logoTT 2-15 2UPWhite2" x 1.5" (2up)7,0004$22.21$3.17$88.84
Tigerseal logoTT 2-15 2UP PWhite2" x 1.5" (2up)7,0004$22.21$3.17$88.84
Tigerseal logoTT 2-15 PWhite2" x 1.5"3,5008$11.12$3.18$88.96
Tigerseal logoTT 2-1PWhite2" x 1"5,5008$11.06$2.01$88.45
Tigerseal logoTT 2-2White2" x 2"27508$10.06$3.66$80.48
Tigerseal logoTT 2-2 PWhite2" x 2"2,7508$10.06$3.66$80.48
Tigerseal logoTT 3-1White3" x 1"5,5006$11.24$2.04$67.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-1 PWhite3" x 1"5,5006$11.24$2.04$67.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-15White3" x 1.5"3,6006$14.08$3.91$84.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-15 PWhite3" x 1.5"3,6006$14.08$3.91$84.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-2White3" x 2"3,0006$11.41$3.80$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-2 PWhite3" x 2"3,0006$11.41$3.80$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-3White3" x 3"1,9006$11.08$5.83$66.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-3 PWhite3" x 3"1,9006$11.08$5.83$66.45
Tigerseal logoTT 3-4 PWhite3" x 4"1,5006$11.36$7.57$68.16
Tigerseal logoTT 3-5White3" x 5"1,2506$11.20$8.96$67.20
Tigerseal logoTT 3-5 PWhite3" x 5"1,2506$11.20$8.96$67.20
Tigerseal logoTT 35-1 PWhite3.5" x 1"5,5006$13.24$2.41$79.45
Tigerseal logoTT 35-8 PWhite3.5" x 8"7506$12.99$17.32$77.94
Tigerseal logoTT 4-1White4" x 1"5,5004$15.49$2.82$61.95
Tigerseal logoTT 4-1 PWhite4" x 1"5,5004$18.61$3.38$74.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-10 PWhite4" x 10"6004$17.11$28.52$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-13 PWhite4" x 13"4504$17.46$38.80$69.85
Tigerseal logoTT 4-15 PWhite4" x 1.5"5,5004$16.11$2.93$64.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-188 PWhite4" x 1.875"3,5504$21.98$6.19$87.92
Tigerseal logoTT 4-2White4" x 2"3,0004$14.86$4.95$59.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-2 PWhite4" x 2"3,0004$14.86$4.95$59.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-2 WIWhite4" x 2"3,0004$17.19$5.73$68.75
Tigerseal logoTT 4-2 WI PWhite4" x 2"3,0004$17.19$5.73$68.75
Tigerseal logoTT 4-25White4" x 2.5"2,5004$15.61$6.24$62.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-3White4" x 3"1,9004$14.86$7.82$59.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-3 PWhite4" x 3"1,9004$14.86$7.82$59.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-3 WI PWhite4" x 3"1,9004$14.71$7.74$58.85
Tigerseal logoTT 4-4White4" x 4"1,5004$17.11$11.41$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-4 PWhite4" x 4"1,5004$17.11$11.41$68.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-4 WI PWhite4" x 4"1,5004$14.74$9.83$58.95
Tigerseal logoTT 4-5White4" x 5"1,2504$15.61$12.49$62.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-5 PWhite4" x 5"1,2504$15.61$12.49$62.45
Tigerseal logoTT 4-6White4" x 6"1,0004$14.74$14.74$58.95
Tigerseal logoTT 4-6 PWhite4" x 6"1,0004$14.74$14.74$58.95
Tigerseal logoTT 4-6 WIWhite4" x 6"1,0004$13.96$13.96$55.85
Tigerseal logoTT 4-6 WI PWhite4" x 6"1,0004$13.96$13.96$55.85
Tigerseal logoTT 4-65White4" x 6.5"9004$14.44$16.04$57.75
Tigerseal logoTT 4-65 PWhite4" x 6.5"9004$14.44$16.04$57.75
Tigerseal logoTT 4-8 PWhite4" x 8"7504$12.39$16.52$49.55
Tigerseal logoTT 4-8 WI PWhite4" x 8"7504$16.09$21.45$64.35
Tigerseal logoTT 45-25 PWhite4.5" x 2.5"2,5004$20.43$8.17$81.70
Tigerseal logoTT 5-3 PWhite5" x 3"1,9004$18.18$9.57$72.72
Tigerseal logoTT 5-4 PWhite5" x 4"1,5004$17.21$11.47$68.85
Tigerseal logoTT 6-4 PWhite6" x 4"1,5004$19.96$13.31$79.85
Tigerseal logoTT 6-4 WI PWhite6" x 4"1,5004$22.24$14.83$88.95
Tigerseal logoTT 65-4 PWhite6.5" x 4"1,5004$24.46$16.31$97.85
Tigerseal logoTT-4-3 XWhite4" x 3"1,9504$22.15$11.36$88.60


Label Width and Height

Understanding label width and height helps to select the correct label for your needs. For example, here is a 2" x 1" label. Almost all standard labels have a ⅛" gap between each label.

All printers have a maximum label width. If you\'re not sure of your printer's specs, you can check the maximum label width of your Zebra printer by clicking here.

Per roll or Per Case

Carefully read others' price/product descriptions. Are they quoting genuine Datamax labels and is the price based on per roll or per carton? Make sure before you purchase that the price you are quoted is a per carton price.

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