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Direct Thermal Labels

Tigerseal Direct Thermal Labels with 1" Core / 4" Outside Diameter

For most desktop printers including Zebra's LP, GX and GK series Datamax E Class series

Tigerseal Brand thermal labels are on a 1" core and are compatible with the Zebra LP series and Datamax E-Class Printers. You will also find NIR (Near Infrared) labels for high-speed scanning.

Also check out our Premium 1" Core - 5" Outside Diameter Direct Thermal Labels (for desktop printers)

And if your printer uses a ribbon: 1" Core - 4" Outside Diameter Thermal Transfer Labels (for desktop printers)

For RPS/FedEx 4" x 6.75" peel-off audit tab labels

Barcode labels, product identification labels, price labels, shipping labels, etc.

Stock Numbers with a "P" indicate that the backing paper (liner) is perfed



Tigerseal brand compatible labels that fit Zebra and Datamax printers. Bright white smooth paper facestock that lets you save money without sacrifing quality or image clarity!

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
Tigerseal logoDT 125-1ZPWhite1.25" x 1"1,38012$2.99$2.17$35.85
Tigerseal logoDT 125-1ZP RollWhite1.25" x 1"13801$6.45$4.67$6.45
Tigerseal logoDT 2-1 ZPWhite2" x 1"1,31012$3.71$2.83$44.55
Tigerseal logoDT 2-1 ZP RollWhite2" x 1"13101$7.95$6.07$7.95
Tigerseal logoDT 225-125 ZPWhite2.25" x 1.25"1,13512$4.91$4.33$58.92
Tigerseal logoDT 225-125 ZP RollWhite2.25" x 1.25"1,1351$8.75$7.71$8.75
Tigerseal logoDT 225-15 ZPWhite2.25" x 1.5"96012$4.58$4.77$54.95
Tigerseal logoDT 225-2 ZPWhite2.25" x 2"73512$4.50$6.12$53.95
Tigerseal logoDT 225-25 ZPWhite2.25" x 2.5"60012$4.54$7.57$54.45
Tigerseal logoDT 225-3 ZPWhite2.25" x 3"50012$4.54$9.08$54.45
Tigerseal logoDT 225-4 ZPWhite2.25" x 4"36012$4.12$11.44$49.45
Tigerseal logoDT 225-4 ZP RollWhite2.25" x 4"3601$8.95$24.86$8.95
Tigerseal logoDT 225-75 ZPWhite2.25" x 0.75"1,79012$5.37$3.00$64.45
Tigerseal logoDT 3-1 ZPWhite3" x 1"1,31012$4.95$3.78$59.45
Tigerseal logoDT 3-2 ZPWhite3" x 2"73512$5.37$7.31$64.40
Tigerseal logoDT 4-1 ZPWhite4" x 1"1,31012$7.15$5.46$85.85
Tigerseal logoDT 4-15 ZPWhite4" x 1.5"96012$7.04$7.33$84.45
Tigerseal logoDT 4-2-735 ZPWhite4" x 2"73512$7.33$9.97$87.95
Tigerseal logoDT 4-25 ZPWhite4" x 2.5"60012$6.87$11.45$82.45
Tigerseal logoDT 4-3-500 ZPWhite4" x 3"50012$6.66$13.32$79.95
Tigerseal logoDT 4-4 ZPWhite4" x 4"37712$6.62$17.56$79.45
Tigerseal logoDT 4-5 ZPWhite4" x 5"30512$7.04$23.08$84.45
Tigerseal logoDT 4-6-250 ZP14" x 6"25012$4.99$19.96$59.85
Tigerseal logoDT 4-6-250 ZP RollWhite4" x 6"2501$9.85$39.40$9.85
Tigerseal logoDT 4-6-250ZP-16White4" x 6"25016$4.86$19.44$77.80
Tigerseal logoDT 4-6-475 ZP14" x 6"47512$10.79$22.72$129.45
Tigerseal logoDT 4-65 ZPWhite4" x 6.5"23012$7.69$33.43$92.28

Label Width and Height

Understanding label width and height helps to select the correct label for your needs. For example, here is a 2" x 1" label. Almost all standard labels have a ⅛" gap between each label.

All printers have a maximum label width. If you\'re not sure of your printer's specs, you can check the maximum label width of your Zebra printer by clicking here.

Per roll or Per Case

Carefully read others' price/product descriptions. Are they quoting genuine Datamax labels and is the price based on per roll or per carton? Make sure before you purchase that the price you are quoted is a per carton price.

Tigerseal Products features quality direct thermal labels. Our direct thermal labels offer a bright white, ultra smooth, direct thermal coated facestock that produces high-contrast black visible light images. Our direct thermal labels are excellent for direct thermal label applications, particularly where barcodes are used.

The adhesive is a general purpose adhesive that features high initial tack and adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, including corrugated packaging.

Purchasing our direct thermal label products is easy. We accept all major credit cards and do offer Net 30 terms with approved credit. If you would like to set up terms, please contact us at 1-(800) 899-9389.

Shipped from the distribution center nearest you. Warehouses ship from the following locations: Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, and Ohio

Call us today at 1(800) 899-9389 or order online!