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Direct Thermal Labels

Tigerseal direct thermal labels made in the USA - superior print quality and cost savings!

Looking for quality, cost effective direct thermal labels? Tigerseal Products features a wide selection of  thermal labels. Hundreds of Stock Direct Thermal Labels to Choose From with Same Day Shipping and Custom  Labels to Meet Your Specific Requirements!

All of our direct thermal labels are manufactured in the USA (as our all of our labels and thermal ribbons). Our labels produce a high contrast crisp barcode and human readable fonts. Dependable. Reliable. And, we want your business! Whether you use just a few thermal labels a day or thousands a day, we'll work hard to earn your business with every order. If you have questions about which product is best suited for your particular thermal printer or application, we encourage you to call us toll free at 1.800.899.9389.

Desktop Printers

For desktop printers, such as Zebra's LP2844 and Datamax's E Class printers,   we have a wide selection of 1" core labels with a 4" outside diameter. These standard direct thermal labels provide excellent print quality at significant cost savings. We also have 1" core labels in our Premium line. These 1" core direect thermal labels have a special topcoat that resists scratching and smearing and use an agressive  freezer grade adhesive.

Table Top Printers

For large table top printers that require a 3" core  we feature 8 stock sizes. The bright white smooth facestock provides crsip, clear black images.

Shipping Labels

For applications that require infrared scannable labels we offer 2 sizes - 4 x 6 with a 3" core and 4 x 6.75 with a 1" core and a 3/4" audit tab. Tigerseal Products also features  continuous direct thermal labels for Pitney Bowes shipping systems and Audit Trail Labels for shipping applications


Find answers to your basic questions about thermal labels with our helpful Understanding Thermal Labels. Provides basic understanding of thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, how to measure label size & more.

Custom Direct Thermal Labels - Including Synthetic Material, Infrared (NIR), Removable Adhesives, Freezer Grade Adhesives

If you have special label requirements, such as unique sizes or colors, we can also make custom direct thermal labels to meet your specific job requirement. Call us at 1-800-899-9389 if you have any questions regarding stock or custom labels from Tigerseal products. There is a 14 business day lead time and miinimum order requirements for custom made direct thermal labels.

Special Direct Thermal label material includes:


White direct thermal 3 mil polyolefin film facestock with a special direct thermal coating that provides excellent resistance to oil, alcohol, blood and water. Agressive cold temperature adhesive.

Recommended Applications: CryoDentity DT is designed for application to glass and plastic surfaces (i.e. test tubes). Suitable for storage at extreme cold temperatures down to -325°F. It also complies with FDA 21CFR175.105.


Durable white polyoefin face coated label with good opacity, tear resistance, and a high performance near infrared (NIR) direct thermal coating. Specially formulated adheisve that is removable for low energy surfaces and permanent for toher surfaces.

Recommended Applications: Primarily used for returnable container applications or applications that require durability or resolvability from low energy surafces such as plastics. Complies with FDA21CFR175.105


Direct thermal white synthetic face stock with a highly aggressive all temperature adhesive. can be applied to temperatures of -40°F. The service temperature range is -65°F to +131°F

Recommended Applications: Excellent for returnable containers in the automotive, food and agricultural industries. Suitable for applications requiring compliance with FDA 175.105 for indirect food contact. 


Direct thermal visible light (VL) synthetic face stock with a highly aggressive removable adhesive. Application termperature: to-10°F. Service temperature range from -20°F to 120°F.

Recommended Applications: General Purpose removable direct thermal bar coding applications


Topcoated medium to high sensitivity direct thermal polypropylene facestock that features a highly aggressive permanent freezer grade adhesive. Application temperature: to -15°F. Service temperature range: -65°F to +160°F.

Recommended Applications: Excellent choice for applications where the label is applied to packaging materials at room temperature and then subjected to -40°F blast freezing conditions.


Direct thermal polypropylene with excellent resistance to oils, fats, alcohol, solvents, and contact abrasion. It features a wide range general purpose permanent adhesive and a 42 pound semi-bleached densified kraft liner. Application temperature: to 0°F. Service temperature range: -65°F to +200°F.

Recommended Applications: For roll label stock applications


Synthetic visible light film biaxially-oriented and film coated with a medium sensititvity environmental-resistant direct thermal coating featuring an all temperature permanent acrylic adhesive. Application temperature: to 0°F. Service temperature range: -65°F to +200°F.

Recommended Applications: Direct thermal bar coding applications that require strong durability and an all-temperature adheisve, such as deli and supermarket labels.


High sensitivity IR-scanable direct thermal paper with an aggressive high tack permanent acrylic healthcare adhesive. Application temperature: 32°F to 120°F. Service temperature range: -75°F to +140°F

Recommended Applications: Healthcare applications requiring IR scanning sensitivity.


Standard visible light direct thermal paper with a removable acrylic adhesive that features excellent long term removability from a wide variety of surfaces.

Recommended Applications: Direct thermal bar coding applications that require a removable adhesive.


A direct thermal visible light paper facestock with a freezer grade adhesive. Application temperature: to-20°F. Service temperature range: -65°F to +180°F.

Recommended Applications: General purpose suitable for application at cold temperatures, bar coding applications including poultry and deli.


Direct thermal paper face stock with a specialized ultra-removable microsphere adhesive that provides adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces while maintaining the ability to be removed or repositioned at any time in the future. Application temperature: +35°F or higher. Service temperature range: -40°F to +150°F.

Recommended Applications: For applications requiring superior direct thermal imaging with ultra-removability.


Smooth bright white paper with a medium sensitivity direct thermal coating and general purpose removable adhesive. It also features a topcoat for protection from contaminants, water, oils and is heat resistant to 185°F.

Recommended Applications: General purpose direct thermal appplications requiring a removable adhesive.


High sensitivity ultra low abrasion general purpose direct thermal paper that is topcoated for resistance to water, oil, chemicals, heat and light. Features a highly aggressive permanent adhesive. Application temperature: to -15°F. Service temperature: -65°F to +160°F.

Recommended Applications: Suitable for applications where the label will be applied to flexible packaging and/or varnished paperboard in freezer conditions or for other applications where frost and/or moisture are present at the time of application or subject to blast freezing after application at room temperature.


Bright white semi gloss facestock with an all temperature adhesive. Application temperature: to-20°F. Service temperature range: -65°F to +200°F.

Recommended Applications: Variety of applications requiring good stiffness for dispensing.

For complete Material Specification Sheets on any of these materials, please call us at 1-800-899-9389

Permanent vs. Freezer Grade Adhesives

Permanent adhesive is a general purpose acrylic adheisve that can be applied to surfaces above +25°F and has a service temperature range of -65°F to +200°F

Freezer grade adhesive is a specialty grade permanent acrylic adhesive that can be applied to surfaces as low as -20°F and has a service temperature range of -65°F to +180°F

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