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Datamax Thermal Transfer Labels

Floodcoated Color

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Please note that all thermal transfer stock requires a ribbon!

GreatLabel TTL Floodcoated

Premium coated ultra-smooth paper thermal label stock. Bright matte finish in various colors provides a dense, smudge-resistant facestock. Permanent acrylic adhesive for application temperatures from 25°F to 150°F. Service temperatures from -65°F to 200°F.

Recommended ribbons: GPR Plus, GPR Millennium, GPR Wax, PGR Millennium, PGR Millennium Plus, PGR Plus, PGR-A, SDR-A.

ItemColorLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
420970-BLUWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-FLPWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-FORWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-FRDWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-GRNWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-LGRWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-LYLWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-ORGWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-PNKWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-PURWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-TANWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420970-YWhite4" x 6"1,0004$19.21$19.21$76.85
420985-BLUWhite4" x 3"2,0004$20.75$10.38$83.00
420985-FLPWhite4" x 3"2,0004$20.75$10.38$83.00
420985-FORWhite4" x 3"2,0004$20.75$10.38$83.00
420985-FRDWhite4" x 3"2,0004$20.75$10.38$83.00
420985-GRNWhite4" x 3"2,0004$20.75$10.38$83.00
420985-PURWhite4" x 3"2,0004$20.75$10.38$83.00
420985-YWhite4" x 3"2,0004$20.75$10.38$83.00