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Datamax Electronic Component Labels

Anti-Static Polyimide

Ideal for labeling electronic components, circuit boards and other small parts.

Datamax electronic component labels are available in 3 material choices, glossy white polyester, glossy white polyimide, and semi-gloss white anti-static polyimide. Ideal for labeling electronic components, circuit boards and other small parts.

Labels on this page can be used in the following Datamax Printers:

M-Class Mark II Datamax Thermal PrinterI-Class Datamax Thermal PrinterH-Class Datamax Thermal PrinterS-Class Datamax Thermal PrinterW-Class Datamax Thermal Printer

Glossy white anti static polyimide labels are 7.8 mil topcoated polyimide film. They feature an aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive. The liner is a 55# glassine release liner. Polyimide material is designed for ultra solvent and heat resistance.

There is generally a 5 day lead time on these labels. Please call us at 1-800-899-9389 for more information or to place an order. Electronic Component labels are on a 3" core with an 8" outside diameter. The recommended thermal transfer ribbon is an SDR.


3" core, 8" outside diameter

Datamax Anti-static Polyimide Electronic Component Labels

ItemLabel Dimensions
(W x H, inches)
Labels AcrossVertical Repeat (inches)Horizontal Repeat (inches)Web (inches)Labels / RollRolls / CartonPrice / RollPrice / 1k LabelsPrice / Carton
ECL0057-100.25" x 0.25"120.375"0.25"3.2"10,0001$328.98$32.90$328.98
ECL0257-100.65" x 0.2"40.375"0.7"2.95"10,0001$354.62$35.46$354.62
ECL0657-101" x 0.5"30.0625"1.075"3.35"10,0001$849.62$84.96$849.62
ECL1157-100.3125" x 0.3125"50.5"0.5"2.5"10,0001$358.62$35.86$358.62
ECL1657-100.375" x 0.375"70.5"0.437"3.2"10,0001$329.62$32.96$329.62
ECL1757-102" x 0.25"10.375"--2.2"10,0001$1,017.50$101.75$1017.50
ECL2157-100.5" x 0.2"50.3"0.625"3.2"10,0001$296.75$29.68$296.75
ECL2257-100.7" x 0.375"40.475"0.75"3.15"10,0001$486.25$48.63$486.25
ECL2957-100.75" x 0.25"10.375"--0.875"10,0001$0.00$0.00$0.00
ECL3057-100.90" x 0.25"10.375"--1.110,0001$0.00$0.00$0.00
ECL3357-101.5" x 0.125"10.225"--1.7"10,0001$394.32$39.43$394.32
ECL3557-101" x 0.25"10.375"--1.125"10,0001$395.50$39.55$395.50
ECL4857-100.25" x 2.5"70.375"0.35"2.5"10,0001$0.00$0.00$0.00