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Tray Strap

All you need is a pair of scissors!

Under classification reform, the USPS requires that all mail trays be securely strapped. Here's a handy product that's easy to use, cost effective, and complies with USPS standards!

All you need is a pair of scissors!
  1. Cut to desired length.
  2. Pinch edges of one end downward.
  3. Pass through third or fourth hole at other end.
  4. Pull ends in opposite directions to desired tightness.

Tray Strapping

Tray Strap

Each roll contains 1,000 feet of 9/16" strap. Complies with all USPS standards. Uses nothing but a pair of scissors. Matches Pitney Bowes 960-5 but with twice as much (1000') per roll. Width: 9/16" Length: 1,000'