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PSPinwheel Postage Tape

Used in Pitney Bowes, Ascom Hasler, Neopost, Postalia Machines

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PSPinwheel Diagram

Description: Ideal for any meter where tape are hand fed, such as E700/B700 Series. Also DM100I, DM200L. White litho ultra smooth smudge resistant facestock with permanent adhesive. Overall sheet size: 5" x 5". 4 tapes per sheet. Each tape 3-1/2" x 1-5/8". 150 sheets per pack/4 tapes per sheet/600 uses per pack.

Important information:
Stock number:PSPinwheel
References:Postalia (Substitute for) 828, 829; Ascom Hasler 9004570; Neopost 7465252; Pitney Bowes hand fed meter tapes
For use in:Postalia MyMail, T-1000; Ascom Hasler hand fed meters incl. WJ20; Neopost hand fed meters incl. IJ25, IS330, IS350, SM22, SM26; Pitney Bowes E700, B700, DM100i, hand fed meters
Sheet size:5" x 5"
Label size:3.5" x 1.625"
Labels per sheet:4
Sheets per pack:150
Labels per pack:600
2-7: $12.95
8-19: $9.95
20+: $7.75