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NPS 112 TM Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser

Designed for more than just your average pressure sensitive tape.

NPS 112 Tapemate

The NPS 112 Tapemate can handle regular pressure sensitive tape, but its serrated edge blade is designed for more industrial applications like PVC masking reinforced tape, foil, paper, foam, and other materials.

3 Dispensing Modes:

  1. Automatic - After each piece of tape is removed, another piece is automatically dispensed, cut, and held for the operator.
  2. Manual - Press the dispense key for each length.
  3. Random - Hold the dispense key for a non-measured length.

Easy to Operate, Extremely Rugged, Designed for Industrial Use.


Other Specs:

  • Minimum/maximum tape width:1/4" to 2".
  • Minimum/maximum tape roll diameter: 7" optional to 13"
  • Core size: 3"
  • Tape speed: 4"/second
  • Dimensions (Width x Length x Height, in.): 7" x 10" x 10"
  • Shipping weight: 17lbs


NPS 112 Backstand

Backstand - Adapts the 112 to handle up to 13" diameter rolls.

NPS 112 Counter

Counter - 6 digit counter with reset.

NPS 112 Slitting Attachment

Slitting Attachment - Slits special widths from standard rolls.

NPS 112-A Tapemate

Similar to the 112, but has a scissor action blade. Pulling the lever as the tape is taken cuts the tape & triggers the advance of the next ape. For foil, paper, foam, or wherever a straight edge is needed.