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M-6100 Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser

An economical solution to automatic pressure sensitive tape dispensing

M-6100 Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser

The 6100 is perhaps the finest automatic tape dispenser for almost all types of pressure sensitive tapes. It's fast, reliable, easy to use (operators almost never have to even touch the machine). Simply set the tape length, select "Auto Feed" and the 6100 will automatically dispense the exact tape length. Each time the operator removes the piece of tape another piece is instantly dispensed, cut, and held for the operator.

The 6100 also includes our full 1 year parts and labor warranty - backed by Tigerseal Products with over 26 years of service expertise

  • Saves time - Instantly dispenses, cuts, and holds the exact length of tape.
  • Saves material - No wasted tape with pieces too long or too short.
  • Safe - No exposed sharp blades to cut operators
  • Simple to Operate - No tape threading. Set tape length, press Auto Feed. Done.

Only $450.00

Includes a full 1 year parts and labor warranty!

Dispenses almost any type of pressure sensitive tape up to 2" wide. From 3/4" to 39" long pieces.

Guillotine style cutting shears slice through almost any type of pressure sensitive tape.

The M-6100 is a fully featured electronic pressure sensitive tape dispenser that costs hundreds less than comparable models!

M6100Uses almost all types of pressure sensitive tapes. Fast, reliable, easy to use and features an optical sensing unit so touching the machine isn't even necessary!$412.50

We also include a complete parts/price list for long-term ease of maintenance.

3 Dispensing Modes:

  1. Automatic - Operator sets tape length and selects "Auto Feed". After each piece of tape is removed, another piece is automatically dispensed, cut, and held for the operator.
  2. Manual - Operator presses the "cut" key to instantly dispense and cut the exact tape length of up to 39".
  3. Random - Operator presses the "feed" key to dispense any tape length of up to 39".

M-6100 Features:

  • Electronic Keypad - For easy operation and less moving parts to break.
  • Auto Tape Feed - 3/4" to 39" in 10mm increments.
  • Manual Tape Feed - Dispense the perfect amount of tape for your purpose.
  • Chrome "Guillotine" Cutting Shears - Chrome for durability, guillotine for slicing through even the toughest tapes. Blades can "snap out" for easy cleaning.
  • High Impact Covers - Designed to take years of abuse in a busy environment.
  • Adjustable Pressure Bar - Prevent tape curl and snarls by pressing the tape flat as it's dispensed.
Automatic Cutting Blades

Unlike other comparably priced machines, the M-6100 features Automatic Cutting Blades. Your tape is cut as soon as it's dispensed to save you time and increase efficiency.

M-6100 Benefits:

  • Easy Tape Loading - Loads in seconds, no careful threading necessary. Just place the leading edge of the tape on the feed roller and let the machine do all the work.
  • Safety - Pull/tear blades have exposed edges that can injure your workers. The M-6100's blades are contained within the unit!
  • Faster than Pull/Tear Dispensers - Press a button, take the tape. No snarls, no cuts, no wasted time.
  • Dispenses the Exact Amount Required - Don't just guess when using a pull/tear dispenser. Save your tape by using the exact right amount for your purpose!

Other Specs:

  • Maximum tape roll diameter: 6" (The M-UW6 allows for larger roll diameters on this machine)
  • Core size: 3" (1" optional)
  • Dimensions (Width x Length x Height, in.): 8" x 5" x 5-1/2"
  • Shipping weight: 7lbs