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M-1000 Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser

Durable tape dispenser that handles up to 2" wide tape.

For pre-pack and sub-assembly jobs that require any type of pressure sensitive tape, from nylon reinforced to masking and more, exact length dispensers are more economical, faster, and easier than any other method.


Genuine ELM-1000 Electronic Tape Dispenser

Easy to use. Set tape length (minimum 20mm / maximum 39") in 1 or 10mm increments. Select dispensing mode:

  • Automatic - Next piece of tape instantly dispensed after last piece removed.
  • Manual - Operator presses button for exact pre-selected length.
  • Random - Machine dispenses as long as "feed" button pressed.

The M-1000 instantly dispenses a pre-measured length of pressure sensitive tape. The tape is slightly creased to prevent "snarling." Automatically cut with precision "guillotine" cutting blades, the tape is held ready for the operator. In the automatic mode, the next piece is instantly dispensed, cut, and held for use.

The M-1000 requires no lengthy threading. Just apply the leading edge to the feed roller and advance the tape through at the touch of a button. To remove the tape, simply press the "back" button.

The shear assembly unclips for easy cleaning of any glue build-up.

The M-1000 features:
  • High-impact resistant covers
  • Three dispensing modes
  • Handles up to 2" wide tape rolls (3" cores)
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Easy to read control panel
  • Adjustable pressure bar to eliminate tape curl
  • "Guillotine" style cutting shears to slice through even the toughest tape
  • Optional 1" core holded available

A Word of Caution - This is the genuine ELM1000. There are very similar machines sold, some at very low prices,  that look like the M1000. Look for the ELM Hologram to insure that you're buying the superior ELM 1000


The M-1000 will save you material.

Dispenses exactly what you need - no wasted tape. Saves tape by eliminating "snarling."

The M-1000 will save you time.

Stop fighting with pull/tear dispensers that slow pre-pack work.

The M-1000 will save you from injuries.

No more cut fingers and knuckles on exposed razor-sharp cutting blades.

M1000Easy to use durable pressure sensitive dispenser handles up to 2" wide tape rolls with 3" cores. "Guillotine" style cutting shears, easy loading, and no exposed blades to eliminate injuries.$559.00