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M-950 Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser

Automatic tape dispenser that's ideal for office and retail applications.

Compact, desktop automatic pressure sensitive tape dispenser.

Ideal for office and retail applications - wherever an exact length of cellophane tape is needed.

The M-950 works with cellophane tape. It will automatically dispense, cut, and hold an exact tape length!

2 Dispensing Modes:


  • Automatic - automatically dispenses and cuts next piece of tape after last piece is removed.
  • Semi-Automatic - touching the feed button dispenses and cuts an exact length of tape.

Comes with AC adapter, but can also run off of 2 AA batteries for maximum portability!


M950Compact, desk top automatic pressure sensitive tape dispenser. Handles tape widths between 0.5" and 0.8" on a 1" core. Includes AC power adapter, but can also run on 2 AA batteries (not included).$159.50


  • Size: 7.2" x 3.8" x 5"
  • Weight: Approx. 1.5 pounds
  • Tape widths: From 0.5" to 0.8"
  • Tape lengths: From 1" to 3.90"
  • Tape core size: 1"
  • Power: AC adapter (included) or 2 AA batteries