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Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser Index

Quality tape dispensers backed by the longest warranty in the industry.

Electronic Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispensers

M-1000 Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserM-1000

Automatic tape dispenser for pressure sensitive tapes. Easy to use durable pressure sensitive dispenser handles up to 2" wide tape rolls with 3" cores. "Guillotine" style cutting shears, easy loading, and no exposed blades to eliminate injuries. 3 dispenseing modes - automatic, manual & random. Backstand can accomodate tape rolls with up to 17" outside diameter

M-6100 Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserM-6100

Uses almost all types of pressure sensitive tapes. Fast, reliable, easy to use and features an optical sensing unit so touching the machine isn't even necessary! 3 tape dispensing modes - automatic, manual & random. Dispenses tape lengths up to 39"

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M-6125 Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserM-6125

Designed to handle both pressure sensitive tape and non-pressure sensitive material (such as ribbon). Easily cuts filament, kapton, acetate, glass cloth, double-sided tape, and most other types of tape up to 2" wide. can pre-set different tape lengths. Also includes tape counter.

M-950 Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserM-950

Automatic dispensing in a format that is perfect for office and retail environments. It can run on AA batteries, so you don't need to spare an outlet!

Cyklop Baby Umet 75 Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserCyklop Baby Umet 75

Tiny, simple, well-built. Dispenses a huge variety of tapes in lengths anywhere from 2" to 50".

Cyklop SAE-75 Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserCyklop SAE-75

Tiny, simple, well-built. Dispenses a huge variety of tapes in lengths anywhere from 2" to 50". A lot like the Baby Umet 75, except more industrial and features a more professional clean-cutting automatic blade so you don't have to pull the tape.

M-UW6 Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser Roll SupportM-UW6

Roll stand for very large rolls of tape for the M-6000 Series. Can handle rolls of pressure sensitive material up to 6" wide with a maximum roll diameter of 17".

NPS 150 TapeMate II Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserNPS 150 Tapemate II

Faster than pull/tear, and much safer. Adjustable dispensing speed, automatic dispensing mode, and can handle tape from 3/8" to 2" wide on standard 3" cores.

NPS 112 TapeMate Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserNPS 112 Tapemate

Easy to operate, extremely rugged, designed for industrial use. Handles tape from 1/4" to 2" wide and 7" to 13" in diameter.

Manual Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispensers

SL-1 Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserSL-1

Handles tape up to 1" wide with a maximum roll diameter of 5-1/2". This budget tape dispenser has variable tape lengths, and the handle can be set to a specific desired tape length.

SL-3 Pressure Sensitive Tape DispenserSL-3

Can fit pressure sensitive tape of up to 3" wide of almost any kind. Definite tape lengths of up to 8" long. Longer lengths can be acheived with multiple strokes of the feed handle.

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