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Phoenix M-2

Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser

Top heater and triple brush moistening in a low cost manual tape machine!

Phoenix M-2 Gummed Tape Dispenser

The Phoenix M-2 goes even further...

The Phoenix M-2 is the only manual tape machine that comes standard with an Adjustable Weighted Top Heater and Triple Brush Moistening. The same superior Top Heater method found on all Phoenix Electric Tape Machines (and the original Better Pack 555) is now standard on the M-2.

The superior sealing of the Phoenix Electric Gummed Tape Machine

for less than half the price!

The only manual tape dispenser with real Triple Brush moistening and the same Top Heater as the one found on the Phoenix R and E Series Electrics.

Phoenix Tape Dispensers are proudly manufactured by McDonald Company Machines in Warminster, PA.

Featuring our exclusive full 2-½ year parts and labor warranty!

Phoenix machines come with a 2 and a half year parts and labor warranty.

PHOENIX M2The durability of a manual tape dispenser combined with the ultra-secure seal enabled by an electric top heater. Increase the effectiveness of your seal, and the security of your carton! Also includes a 2-1/2 year full parts and labor warranty.$436.95

Why is an Adjustable Weighted Top Heater important?

The Top Heater creates a "high zone" of heat right where it's needed - at the tips of the moistening brushes. This heat liquefies the glue on reinforced gummed tape Once heated the glue can penetrate into the carton, creating a permanent bond between the tape & carton. By making the Top Heater adjustable you control the amount of heat. Regardless of the type of tape you use, the condition of your water, or the environment you're sealing in, you will get a perfect carton seal with the Phoenix M-2!

Why is Triple Brush moistening superior?

Most other tape machines offer just a single brush moistening system. This may not always completely moisten the tape from edge to edge along the entire length of tape. The result? A superficial seal that can "pop open" in transit. The M-2 incorporates the advanced Triple Brush Moistening System that is found on the Phoenix Electric Tape machines. This insures that the glue on the tape is completely moistened.

  • A bond that can stand up to heavy abuse in transit.
  • A bond that seals out dust and dirt that can enter your carton in transit.
  • A bond that gives your product a secure, tamper evident seal.


If the Triple Brush moistening, Top Heater and full two year parts and labor warranty weren't enough, the Phoenix M-2 also features:
  • Chrome-plated "Guillotine" Style Cutting Shears - our shears slice through any type of gummed tape.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Side Frames
  • Chromed Lower Tape Plate
  • Large 1 Liter Adjustable Water Supply
  • High Impact Cycolac Utility Top Covers
  • Adjustable Stop Bar - for fast repeating of same tape lengths

2-½ Year parts and Labor Warranty Backed by a Company with Over 28 Years of Field Service Experience!

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