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Phoenix M-1 Premier

Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser

Low Cost, Easy To Use, Realiable & Packed with features no other manual tape dispenser offers

Phoenix M-1 Premier

The Phoenix M-1 Premier sets a new standard for reliability and performance in manual gummed tape dispensers. The Phoenix M-1 Premier uses the same platform as the standard Phoenix M-1, a proven industrial tape machine with over 14 years of service. The Premier version then adds new features that bring exceptional value to your packing room.

Tigerseal Phoenix Warranties are the Longest and Strongest

Tigerseal Products offers the longest & strongest warranty in the industry: 2-1/2 years of full parts and labor exclusive to tape dispensers sold by us. We have over years in the packaging industry, and our warranty comes with no special fine print.

Features of the Phoenix M-1 Premier

Phoenix M-1 Stainless Steel Feed Mechanism

  • Stainless Steel Tape Plate - The M-1 Premier comes standard with a stainless steel tape feed channel. Since this plate comes into contact with the water in the moistening tank, using stainless steel means you\'ll never have to replace the lower tape plate due to rust and corrosion.
  • Chrome-Hardened Upper Feed Wheel - We replace the standard metal feed wheel with a chrome-hardened wheel for even longer performance. Rigid construction prevents breakdown or loss of traction on the tape.
  • Enhanced Rust Inhibiting - Where the moistening tank and brushes come into contact with the metal frames and tank support shelf, we coat these areas with an industrial strength rust inhibiting paint compound. This feature minimizes frame rust around the moistening tank and brushes.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners - We replace the standard zinc-coated fasteners with stainless steel fasteners throughout the entire machine. Allows for more reliability and a stronger frame construction.

No other manual gummed tape dispenser has more features and value then the Phoenix M1 Premier model. From the stainless steel tape feed deck, to the stainless steel fasteners, to the exclusive triple brush moistening system, the M1 Premier is the choice of packaging professionals

The Reliability of the Phoenix M-1 - And More.

These improved features are in addition to the other great benefits you've come to expect from a Phoenix tape machine, such as the chrome-hardened "guillotine" style cutting shears that can easily cut even the strongest reinforced tapes, the large adjustable 1 liter water supply, the adjustable tape weight plate for superior moistening, and our exclusive triple-brush moistening system.

When you purchase a Phoenix tape machine from Tigerseal Products, you know that machine has been thoroughly inspected and tested here in our facility. No machine is shipped until it is rigorously tested. Tigerseal Products maintains a fully stocked parts department and service department to insure your long-term satisfaction with any product you purchase.

PHOENIX M1 PREMIEREnhanced edition of the Phoenix M-1, featuring upgraded steel tape plate, chrome-hardened upper feed wheel, enhanced rust inhibiting, and stainless steel components. Designed to last through years of abuse in a busy environment. Built using the same frame as the Phoenix M-1. Includes a 2-1/2 full parts and labor warranty exclusive to Tigerseal Products.$364.45

Increase the performance of the M1 Permier with an adjustbale weighted Top Heater! The controlled heat metls the glue on water activated tape allwoing the glue to better penetrate into the carton, forming an even more secure, tamper evident bond between the tape and the carton with minimal rub down. Faster, more efficient , more secure carton sealing with the Phoenix M-2 Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser.

No other water activated tape machine features all of these benefits:

Phoenix M-1 Premier

Large 1 Liter Water Supply
Steel Side Frames/Tape Guides/Tank Supports

For long life superior to that of plastic frames on other machines

Chrome "Guillotine" Style Cutting Shears

Cuts any type of gummed tape - even the strongest reinforced tape

Chrome Tape Plate Weight - Secured by Chrome Bar

Added weight drives tape into moistening brushes for superior moistening.

Triple Beveled Moistening Brushes

Increased moistening area for superior glue activation. 50% greater moistening surface then our competition model for superior glue reactivation and a stronger carton seal!

Stop Bar

For pre-set tape lengths

Utility Top Covers

For handy storage

Handles Tape Widths 1.5" - 3"

The Phoenix M-1 Premier, like all Phoenix models, offers a clean, open design that makes service easy and provides long term reliability. It is designed to moisten and cut any type of water activated tape, including the strongest reinforced tapes. With minimal moving parts, the M-1 Premier includes a full exclusive two year parts and labor warranty from Tigerseal Products Sales & Service!

Superior Cutting

Over other manuals that use the "scissor" type cutting action. The M-1 Premier slices through tape.

Superior Moistening

Over other machines that use just a small single brush moistener. The large dual beveled moistening brushes on the M-1 Premier provide the BEST moistening of any manual tape machine!

Superior Performance

With easy to remove water tank for easy cleaning and accessible cutting shears that can be quickly cleaned of glue build up.

Best Warranty in the Industry

The best manual tape dispenser should have the best warranty. Our exclusive guarantee is simple - we provide a full 2-1/2 year parts and labor warranty on your entire machine. Other companies offer only limited warranties that have shorter time periods and don't cover all parts. They exclude "normal wear items."

We're so confident that you'll appreciate all of the features and benefits of the Phoenix M-1 Premier Gummed Tape Machine that we offer this guarantee -
If you purchase a Phoenix M-1 Premier and you're not satisfied with the quality or performance, call us. We'll pick the machine back up and issue a full refund.

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