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Phoenix Evolution - Custom Printed Tape!

Tape Dispenser with On-Demand Inkjet Printing

Keeping Manufacturing Jobs in the U.S.
UL Certified
80% of the parts for all Phoenix Electric Tape Dispensers are manufactured in the USA. The Phoenix E1 is assembled in the USA.

Custom printing on carton sealing tape has never been easier or faster. The Evolution is the ultimate in secure carton sealing, dispensing an unreproducably printed tape for tamper evident packaging.

Phoenix Evolution Printed Gummed Tape Dispenser

Developed and introduced by McDonald Company Machines, the industry leader in product innovation. In service for over three years with a proven track record of reliability and superior performance. With the Phoenix Evolution Tape Printing System, nobody else even comes close.

Now you can instantly:

  • Date
  • Code
  • Identify
  • Advertise
  • Provide the ultimate security seal

with the Phoenix Evolution on gummed tape.

Prints messages on your carton sealing tape at the touch of a button in Black, Red, Light and Dark Blue, and Green.

Phoenix machines come with a 2 and a half year parts and labor warranty.

PHOENIX EVOLUTIONAutomatically print tape on-demand. Store an array of custom messages that enhance the security seal of your cartons as well as promote your company. Also includes a 2-1/2 year parts and labor warranty.Please call.

Up until now if you wanted printed tape you had three choices:

  1. Buy Standard Pre-Printed Tape

    Problem: Limited choice of messages

  2. Buy Custom Printed Tape

    Problem: Expensive and requires a large-quantity purchase.

  3. Use Old-fashioned Coders

    Problem: They use messy liquid ink and rubber type. Time consuming and hard to clean up. Old impact printing creates excessive wear on machine components.

Benefits of Printing with the Evolution

Print separate messages for each shift

The remote keypad can be used to program multiple machine printers. Each message can contain up to two lines of print. You can even set the space interval between message printing.

  • Product Codes


  • Date Codes


  • Packer Codes


Advertise on your carton

Let it become a travelling billboard for your company.


Security Enhanced Seal

You can design any secure message and change it regularly. Your message and print is totally unique, discouraging pilferage.

Inkjet Printing - Fast, Clean, Instant, Easy

The non-impact Inkjet Printer never comes in contact with the tape, so there is no excessive wear as with old style printers. The printed ink dries instantly so the tape is ready to apply as soon as it is dispensed! And, unlike old fashioned coders, once empty, the ink cartridge can be changed in seconds. No messy liquid ink to apply. Operators' hands stay clean.

Plug in the keypad, type in a new message or select from any of 50 stored messages, done.

Once the message is set, the operator has 2 dispensing modes. They can select "Auto Tape Feed", which allows the operator to automatically dispense the same length of tape without having to touch the machine. The Evolution instantly dispenses the last length selected as the operator reaches for the tape! It's the fastest way to seal same sized cartons! For sealing mixed sized cartons, the operator touches the key pad each time to instantly dispense a pre-set tape length from 6"-45" in 3" increments.

Superior Tape Machine Performance

The Phoenix Evolution combines the superior reliability and flexibility of the tape printer with the solid performance of the Phoenix E-2 Electric Tape Machine. This means you'll get a secure, dust free carton seal. The E-2 incorporates an Adjustable Weighted Top Heater and real Triple Brush moistening to completely reactivate all of the glue on gummed tape. The E 2 slices through even the strongest reinforced tape with chrome hardened "guillotine" style cutting shears.

For more information on the Phoenix Evolution, please call us at 1-800-899-0389.
If you already use printed tape, or have considered printed tape, you'll be amazed at what the Evolution can do for you!

Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Backed by a Company with Over 28 Years of Field Service Experience!

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