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Phoenix E-4 Evantage

The Fastest Tape Dispenser for Sealing Mixed or Same Sized Cartons

Fast, Reliable, Effective Carton Sealing Using Gummed Tape

Keeping Manufacturing Jobs in the U.S.
UL Certified
80% of the parts for all Phoenix Electric Tape Dispensers are manufactured in the USA. The Phoenix E1 is assembled in the USA.

Phoenix Tape Machines are proudly manufactured by McDonald Company Machines in Warminster, PA.

Phoenix E-4 - A solution for slow packaging times.

No other carton sealing method offers the security seal of reinforced water activated tape up to 3" wide. Cartons sealed with reinforced tape discourage pilferage. Cartons can't be opened and resealed without leaving evidence (torn carton material).

For the ultimate secure carton seal, consider custom printing on your tape as it is dispensed. Your carton is sealed with a tape that can't be duplicated.

Click here for more info on the Phoenix Evolution.

  • Auto Tape Feed
  • Programmable Lengths
  • Ports for optional Bar Code Scanner and Code Taper Accessories
  • Large 1-Liter Adjustable Water Supply
  • High Impact Utility Top Covers
  • Adjustable Weighted Top Heater
  • Chrome-plated "Guillotine"-Style Cutting Shears
  • Real Triple Brush Moistening
  • Steel Side Frames
  • Solid-State Reliable Keypad
  • UL Certified
Phoenix machines come with a 2 and a half year parts and labor warranty.

PHOENIX E4 EVANTAGEAll the great features of the Phoenix E-1 plus programmable lengths and an electronic eye that automatically dispenses a preset length of tape as the operator reaches for the machine! Includes ports for optional accessories - bar code scanner (scan boxes to load the right tape lengths) and Evolution tape coder (for printing messages or codes on tape). Also includes a 2-1/2 year warranty. (This machine replaces the Phoenix E2)$895.00

New Features!

Phoenix E-4 Keypad

Programmable Lengths

The programmable keypad makes it even easier for operators to get the correct length of tape for every box. Input your custom length and it will save it indefinitely - use the 'feed' button to dispense, or use the 'eye' button to automatically dispense your custom length every time you reach for it!

Stainless Steel Tape Feed Path

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel tape feed path virtually eliminates rust and the need to replace the lower tape plate.

Chrome Hardened Feed Wheels

Standard on all Phoenix E-2 models to provide extended life reducing maintenance.

Phoenix E-2 Electronic Eye

Electronic Eye

The Phoenix E-4 Evantage Tape Dispenser is similar to the E-1 Premier HD, but features an exclusive Electronic Eye. The Eye senses as the operator reaches for the tape, and instantly dispenses the exact pre-selected tape length. The operator doesn't have to waste time searching for the length key! Both hands are free to pack & seal.

Optional Foot Treadle

With the optional foot treadle, you can get 3 dispensing modes:

  1. Automatic - Set length, reach for tape.

  2. Manual - Touch length key for every length

  3. Foot Activated - Set length, touch foot treadle.

Auto Tape Feed

If you have a run of the same-sized carton, the operator selects the tape length and then touches the * key. As they reach for the tape, it is instantly dispensed! No wasted tape, no wasted time.

When the job calls for mixed sized cartons, the operator simply touches the * key again and goes back to selecting each length!


The Longest, Strongest Warranty in the Industry

Thousands of companies are already saving money with the superior reliability of the Phoenix E Series tape machines. With 40% less moving parts than older electric tape machines and a simple straightforward design, the Phoenix represents the next step in carton sealing equipment. The Phoenix has proven that you don't need a 50 page operating guide to dispense tape. Anyone can be a "packaging expert" in seconds when you use the Phoenix E Series tape machine!

Phoenix E Series Guides
Complete Parts Price Guide    Complete On Line Service guide

Exclusive 2½ Year Full Parts & Labor Warranty!

No other tape machine or company can match it. A warranty backed by Tigerseal Products is backed by 25 years in the packaging industry.

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