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The Best Tape Dispenser Made Better - Phoenix E1 PHD

Easy to use, simple to maintain, years of superior performance.

Phoenix E1 Premier: Quality, Simplicity, Reliability, & Lower in Cost

Keeping Manufacturing Jobs in the U.S.
UL Certified
80% of the parts for all Phoenix Electric Tape Dispensers are manufactured in the USA. The Phoenix E1 is assembled in the USA.

The Phoenix E1 is the only series of tape dispensers in the industry with our exclusive full 2-1/2 year full parts and labor warranty. No other machine comes close! Backed by Tigerseal Products with over 28 years of service experience! Providing sales, service, parts, and superior tech support.

Enhanced Features from Tigerseal Products

Phoenix E-1 Premier Heavy Duty

  • Color Coded Keypad. Color coding makes it even easier for operators to quickly and accurately select the exact tape length. This eliminates wasted tape.
  • Chrome-Hardened Feed Wheels. These improve performance and add to the durability of the machine.
  • Automatic Chrome-Plated Shear Oiler. This minimizes glue build-up on cutting shears that can affect cutting performance.
  • Brass-Plated Water Adjustment Level Screw/Thumbnut. Since the glue on tape can vary by the type of tape you use, you can easily adjust the water level in the water tank in seconds to acieve maximum moistening efficiency. If the tape is too dry or too wet, it takes just a few seconds to adjust the water level to achieve maximum efficiency. This is superior to competitive machines that have fixed water levels.
  • Stainless Steel Tape Feed Path. With all the glue passing over the feed path and the close proximity to water, rust and corrosion can develop when using a standard non-stainless steel feed path.
  • Rust Inhibitor. Frames around the moistening tank coated with POR15 to minimize corrosion
  • Quality Tested Before It Leaves Our Facility. EVERY Phoenix Tape Machine is thoroughly tested before we add the enhanced modifications. We then re-test every machine before it is shipped to you, following a strict test guideline. Only after passing 2 inspections do we ship your machine.

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Phoenix Tape Machines are proudly manufactured by McDonald Company Machines in Warminster, PA.

The Phoenix E1 Premier HD Tape Dispenser combines the rugged reliability of the original Phoenix E1 (with over 12 years of proven performance) with even more features and value making the new Phoenix E1 Premier Heavy Duty the best value in tape dispensing.

Phoenix machines come with a 2 and a half year parts and labor warranty.

PHOENIX E1 PHDSimilar to Phoenix E1 but with added features such as color coded key pad, chrome hardened feed wheels, chrome shear oiler. High speed tape dispensing with a 2-1/2 year parts and labor warranty.$913.25

These new features are added to an already superior gummed tape dispenser that includes:

Adjustable Weighted Top Heater

Creates a "High Zone" of heat right where it's needed, at the tips of the moistening bristles. Heating the tape enables the glue to be liquefied. The glue on the tape can then penetrate into the carton forming a strong, secure, dust free, tamper evident carton seal. Phoenix Electric Tape Machines give you the benefit of adjusting both the heat and weight to insure thorough glue reactivation of your tape.

Phoenix E-1 Premier HD

Triple Brush Moistening

Where other tape machines use a single moistening brush, all Phoenix Electric Tape Machines incorporate a Triple Brush Moistening System. In addition to using three moistening brushes, the brushes are beveled to create a large moistening surface. This insures complete glue reactivation along the entire strip of tape, end to end and side to side. This is far superior to machines that use just a single moistening brush.

Chrome-Plated "Guillotine" Style Cutting Shears

All Phoenix Tape Dispensers use chrome hardened shears for long life and superior cutting of even the strongest reinforced tapes. Some competitive machines use a "scissor type" cutting action that can leave pieces of the tape uncut. This can result in frequent tape jams. Our guillotine shears cleanly slice through any type of gummed tape with ease.

Strong Steel Side Frames with Brass Bearings

Designed for long life, all Phoenix Tape Dispensers use steel side frames. Many competitive models have switched to plastic frames and use weights to help keep the machine on the packing table.

6" - 45" Pre-set Tape Lengths - Optional 12" - 90"

The Phoenix E-1 Premier HD includes a color coded touch keypad with pre-set tape lengths from 6" - 45" in 3" increments.

Exclusive 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Compare. Compare. Compare. Tigerseal Products backs every Phoenix Electric and Manual Tape Machine with our exclusive 2 year full parts and labor warranty. Other machines offer only 90 day warranties, while others offer 1 year limited warranties covering only certain parts. No other company has a stronger warranty than Tigerseal Products.

Simplicity, Reliability, Performance, Security.

Phoenix E-1 Premier HD


The Phoenix E1 Premier HD is simple to operate. While some machines are a maze of buttons that can multiply, add, and subtract, the Phoenix E1 Premier HD is simple, direct, and straight forward. it doesn't confuse operators with needless keys. Make any operator a packaging expert in seconds. The operator touches the tape length key desired, applies the tape to the carton. Done. No 50 page operating manual required. Loading tape is just as simple. Drop the tape roll in the basket. Slide the tape under the Tape Feed Wheel. Done in about 5 seconds.

True Story: A company here in Virginia was looking at a competitive tape machine. It had buttons that would add, subtract, and divide (or maybe multiply) tape lengths. The supervisor said they we're thinking about giving the operators calculators to figure out how to dispense the correct length! We showed them the Phoenix E-1 and made life a whole lot easier for them, using a simple keypad with tape sizes in definite integrals.


With 40% fewer moving parts then older style electric tape machines, the Phoenix E-1 Premier HD offers improved reliability. We're so convinced after 9 years in the field selling and servicing Phoenix Tape Machines that only Tigerseal Products includes a full two year warranty on every machine.


When it comes to tape cutting and moistening, no other machine can match the Phoenix; no other machine can match all of the standard features offered by the Phoenix Tape Dispensers.


No other carton sealing method offers the security seal of reinforced water activated tape. Cartons sealed with reinforced tape discourage pilferage. Cartons can't be opened and resealed without leaving evidence (torn carton material). For the ultimate secure carton seal, consider custom printing on your tape as it is dispensed. Your carton is sealed with a tape that can't be duplicated. Click here for more info on the Phoenix Evolution.

Phoenix E-1 Premier HD

If you need a superior, dust free, tamper evident carton seal you need a Phoenix E1 Premier HD.
If you need a tape dispenser that you can count on, you need a Phoenix E1 Premier HD.
If you need a tape machine company you can rely on, you need Tigerseal Products.

See or complete parts list on-line for the Phoenix E1 Tape Dispensers

The Service in Tigerseal Products Sales and Service

We have over 28 years of field service experience, one of the longest continuous records in the industry. Many companies can sell you a tape machine. How many of these companies have actually ever used a tape machine. let alone serviced one? If a problem occurs they will tell you to send it back to the manufacturer.

How long will it take? Weeks? Months?

We provide you with a complete troubleshooting guide with your Phoenix Tape Dispenser. We also offer toll free technical support to help you solve minor problems quickly. Our factory trained service representatives insure your long term satisfaction. Problems are resolved quickly, in hours or days, not weeks or months.

See more information on our service.

Don't settle for just any tape dispenser.
Demand the best.
Demand a Phoenix E-1 Premier HD Tape Dispenser.
Superior Performance.

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