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Phoenix E-1 -Superior Carton Sealing

A Simply Superior Gummed Tape Machine

What makes the Phoenix E-1 Gummed tape dispenser the best choice for carton sealing?

Phoenix E-1 Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

Keeping Manufacturing Jobs in the U.S.
UL Certified
80% of the parts for all Phoenix Electric Tape Dispensers are manufactured in the USA. The Phoenix E1 is assembled in the USA.

The Phoenix E-1 is the only series of tape dispensers in the industry with a full 2-½ year parts and labor warranty. No other gummed tape machine comes close! Backed by Tigerseal Products - over 28 years of service expertise. Sales, service, parts, and superior tech support.

The Phoenix E-1 gummed tape dispenser carries a proven track record with over 14 years in the field!

  • Real Triple-Brush Moistening
  • Adjustable Weighted Top Heater
  • Chrome "Guillotine" Style Shears
  • Strong Steel Side Frames
  • Large 1 Liter Adjustable Water Supply
  • High Impact Covers
  • UL Certified

Less moving parts then conventional electric tape machines! Less maintenance! Less downtime! Provides most secure, tamper-evident, dust-free seal

Only Tigerseal Products backs all of the Phoenix Tape Machines with an exclusive 2-½ year full parts and labor warranty. And that includes "normal wear items" that others don't guarantee at all.

Phoenix machines come with a 2 and a half year parts and labor warranty.

PHOENIX E1Advanced electric tape machine. Triple brush moistening, industrial side frames, "guillotine" style cutting shears, and more. Also includes a 2-1/2 year full parts and labor warranty!$880.85

Inside Phoenix E1

Simple to Operate - Easy to Maintain

The Phoenix E-1 is easy to use. Simply drop the tape in the basket and select the length you require. The fixed dispensing speed, triple brush moistening, and adjustable weighted top heater delivers the properly moistened tape to the operator. No length "rub-down" needed to get the tape to bond with the carton. The easy to use keypad eliminates confusion, speeds carton sealing, and eliminates waster tape.

Simply the Best

Added bonuses include the Utility Top Covers (found on all Phoenix models) and crimped edge bottom. The high impact resistant covers are a convenient storage place for pens and other small objects. The crimped edge bottom gives all Phoenix Tape Dispensers extra stability on the packing table.

No other gummed tape dispenser offers the fast, superior carton sealing like the Phoenix Series tape machines. Why? Because all Phoenix Electric Tape Machines use an Adjustable Weighted Top Heater in combination with a Triple Brush Moistening System. Why is this so good?

Top heater illustration

Standard Top Heater creates "high zone" of heat crucial to superior carton sealing.

No superficial seal here

The Adjustable Weighted Top Heater creates a "high zone" of heat right where it's needed, at the tips of the moistening brushes. This heat liquifies the glue on gummed tape. Once liquified, the glue can penetrate into the carton for a strong, permanent bond. Three chrome pressure bars apply pressure on the tape, driving the tape into the triple brush moistening system. This insures that the entire length of tape is properly moistened. And, because yo ucan adjust bother the amount of heat and the amount of weight, Phoenix Tape Machines offer a superior seal regardless of the tape you use. It securely seals your cartons with any gummed tape you use.

Tape dispensers that use the old style "tank heaters" or that don't offer adjustable heat and/or weight simply don't offer the superior seal of the Phoenix Tape Machines.

Slices Through Even the Strongest Reinforced Tape

The strong chrome-plated "guillotine" style cutting shears found on all Phoenix Tape Machines slice through any type of tape quickly and without gumming up the blades. The chrome plating and Automatic Shear Oiler keep the blades sharp for years.

Carton Sealing is as Easy as 1-2-...

Life is complicated enough. Why make it more difficult? Some tape machines are a maze of buttons and options. Add, subtract, multiply, divide, you may even be able to calculate the square root of the tape length you need. Here's a better way. Select the tape length you requite. Press the length key. Done. Easy as 1-2-3. Phoenix Tape Machines make any person in your shipping department or mailroo ma carton sealing expert in seconds. Dispense the length of tape, apply it to the carton. Done.

How sure are we that you'll like the Phoenix?

If you purchase any Phoenix Tape Machine and are not satisfied with the quality, performace, or reliability, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Over 28 years of field service on tape machines - we know a better product when we see it.

Phoenix is that better product if you want a better package.

The Proof is in the Performance.

We started handling Phoenix Tape Machines more then 10 years ago. We installed our first machine in a manufacturing facility in Virginia. This plant operates three shifts a day (24 hours). They were using another brand of tape machine. They were looking to lower both maintenance costs and downtime. We showed them the simplicity of the Phoenix design and how easy it was to service. That first machine has grown into 45+ Phoenix E-1 tape dispensers operating around the clock, 363 days a year! Service that used to be performed by their maintenance department is now being done by one of the ladies who makes time to handle tape machine service as well as fill production orders!

Impressive results from an impressive machine.

You've Seen These Claims Before

We have cheap machines!We have cheaper machines!

Phoenix E-1

Cheap machines (and low cost carton sealing methods) often cost you the most in the long run. Lost time in shipping dealing with tape jams and downtime. Lost and damaged products, lost and delayed shipments, and lost customers. Phoenix Gummed Tape Machines are very competitively priced. The real low cost machine is the one that performs, securely seals every carton, and is backed by Tigerseal Products' exclusive full 2-½ year parts and labor warranty and our 25+ years of commitment to providing quality support service. Call us today. We think you'll be impressed with the savings and superior performance.

Before purchasing just any tape machine - ask:

  • What is the warranty? What doesn't it cover?
  • Does the tape machine offer such features as chrome hardened shears and steel frames for long life?
  • How about an Adjustable Weighted Top Heater and Water Supply as well as Triple Brush Moistening for superior sealing?
  • Is the machine simple to use or is it a maze of buttons that will slow an operator down?
  • Does the company offer toll free technical assistance?
  • Does the company feature factory trained service support?
  • Does the company have a fully stocked parts department?

If you purchase a quality Phoenix E-1 from Tigerseal Products, the answer is yes!

For even greater performance and reliablity, view our enhanced Phoenix E1 Preimer Heavy Duty model

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