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NPS 52

A Rugged and Dependable Tape Machine

Handles up to 4" wide tape!

NPS 52

  • Handles tape widths up to 4" wide
  • Dual Stop Bars for 2 Length Repeating
  • Up to 36" per Stroke
  • Dual Moistening Brushes w/ Adjustable Water Supply
  • Adjustable Tape Weight Plate
  • Fusion Bonded Coating For Long Life
  • "Guillotine" Style Cutting Shears

The NPS 52 has been a staple in shipping departments for over 40 years. The 52 features dual beveled moistening brushes, an adjustable tape weight, and an adjustable water control for moistening even the heaviest reinforced tapes. With "guillotine" style cutting shears, the 52 is one manual machine that will provide a clean, sharp cut.

The NPS 52 is easy to load with an easy pull handle to reduce operator strain.

NPS 52DISCONTINUED. Rugged manual tape dispenser. Handles tape widths of up to 4" with fusion-bonded coating that's designed for strenuous conditions. Includes a 2 year full parts and labor warranty! DISCONTINUEDPlease call.


NPS 52

The NPS 52 offers another outstanding feature for companies that use the H Pattern Carton Seal (one strip down the middle seam and one strip on each side). The NPS has dual stop bars. This allows the operator to set 2 unique tape lengths, one long and 2 short for example. This gives the operator the exact tape length without guessing and wasting tape and time.

All of this, plus Tigerseal Products exclusive full two year parts and labor warranty.

Unlike other companies that just sell tape machines we also provide complete service and parts. A cheap price on a tape machine is no bargain when you can't get the parts you need or if the parts are outrageously priced. Or, if you have to pay a minimum order fee of $50 or $100. We have no minimum parts order.

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