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Better Packages 555e Electric Tape Dispenser

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Gummed Tape "Dispenser"


The Better Pack 555 e Series Tape Dispenser is available in 4 main versions-

555eS - The most popular model (pictured at left) has tape lengths from 6" to 45" in 3" increments. "+" and "-" keys enable the operator to add/subtract up to 2" (in 1/2" increments) from displayed tape length. For example, pressing the "-" key 4 times then pressing the 6" key the 555eS dispenses 4" of tape. The repeat key allows the operator to repeat this 4" length as needed. "X2" doubles the displayed tape length. Selecting "X2" then 45 dispenses 90" of tape

555eSA - All of the features of the 555eS with automatic tape feed. Useful when sealing runs of the same size carton. Operator can select the "A" key, then a specific tape length. When the operator removes the tape, another piece of tape identical in length is instantly dispensed.

555el - All of the features of the 555eS but with tape lengths from 12" to 90". In place of the "X2" is a "divide by" key for shorter tape lengths. Pressing "divide by" and 90" will give the operator 45"

555eLA - Identical to the 555eSA but with pre-set tape lengths from 12"-90"

All versions include an adjustable Top Heater, "guillotine" style cutting blades, triple brush moistening, and a large adjustbale water supply

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