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Better Packages 555 Tape Dispenser

Replacement parts and service

Though this machine has been discontinued, this model is still in wide use. Tigerseal Products features a complete line of quality replacement parts as well as our online service guide that can help you not only maintain, but improve the performance of your tape machine. If you need more in-depth service, we also feature in-shop service that provides more thorough service at a reasonable price. If you're interested in a new tape machine, Tigerseal Products offers many different types of tape dispensers, from manual to electric for both gummed tape and pressure sensitive tapes to meet any budget or job requirement. See our complete list of tape dispensers.

Though this machine has been discontinued, this model is still in wide use. Replacement parts and service are readily available.

Upgrade Your Old Machine - Tigerseal products can convert your old electro-mechanical key drum to a state-of -the-art solid state key pad.  See  below for details and pricing.

Tigerseal Products Sales & Service has sold and serviced thousands of tape dispensers for over 26 years and can help you maintain these machines, providing years of superior performance. We provide toll-free technical assistance both in assistance in ordering the correct parts and in troubleshooting problems. Tigerseal Products maintains a complete parts and service facility.

Tigerseal Products also has a limited supply of fully reconditioned Better Packages® 555 tape machines. These units are completely refurbished and include a full 1 year parts and labor warranty. Call us at 1-800-899-9389 for prices and availability!


Upgrade Your Old Tape Machine with the E Conversion Package
Replacement Kit for 555 Drive Mechanism

Tigerseal Products sales & service can upgrade your old machine.  This will eliminate 40% of the moving parts, including the electro-mechanical key switches, measuring wheel, clutch assembly, trip rollers, etc.: basically all of the parts inside the key drum (including the key drum). But we don't stop there. We also replace the moistening brushes, top heater assembly, front & rear covers, water bottle, motor brushes and upper feed wheel. We even replace your old rusty lower tape plate with a new stainless steel tape plate. And those old rusted fasteners? We replace those with new stainless steel fasteners.

Your old tape machine is completely re-worked, cleaned, adjusted, new parts installed, and tested twice before returning to you. We also treat the rust around the moistening tank with a strong rust inhibitor, POR15 for a longer more productive life.

All this for $415. All of the new parts come with our full 1 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This cost is less then half the price of most new tape dispensers. Call us at 1-800-899-9389 for more details. Conversions take 5 business days.



Phoenix E-1 Premier HD
Looking to purchase a machine with the same superior reliability and performance?

Check out the Phoenix E-1 Premier Heavy Duty. You'll be impressed! Same great moistening, cutting, and reliability you expect from a superior tape machine with 40% fewer parts.