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Cyklop B-6 Gummed Tape Dispenser

Designed for the low volume user that wants a professional appearance

Cyklop B-6

Designed for the low volume user - up to 50 cartons per day - the B-6 offers a large moistening brush with variable water level and adjustable pressure plate guaranteeing optimal tape moistening for secure carton sealing. Tape is dispensed, moistened and cut by means of a simple hand lever.

The B-6 is designed to work with standard kraft gummed paper, both reinforced and nonreinforced.

Key Benefits

  • No electricity necessary - ship packages from the Yukon!
  • Triple action handle - all you need to do is one action. Pulling the handle dispenses the tape, activates the glue, and cuts the correct length for you.
  • Double brush moistening - the more brushes, the better your tape is going to stick.
  • Easy pull handle - smooth like butter, moves like clockwork.
  • Long length range - the handle can pull tape lengths up to 42". That's one of the longest ranges in the industry! Plus, by pulling multiple times you can get even longer lengths.
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty from Tigerseal Products

CYKLOP-B6Designed for the low volume user. Features a large moistening brush with variable water level and adjustable pressure plate. Handles .8" up to 4" tape. It's human powered!Quantity:
1: $279 ea.
2+: $269 ea.

The optional HC100 heater kit is available for field addition to provide more efficient glue activation even in cool packing and shipping area environments. Please ask us about it though, as it's not currently up on our site. This type of heater is standard on the all-electric C-25 model.


  • Electrical power: None
  • Types of tape: Kraft gummed reinforced/nonreinforced
  • Tape width: between 3/4" and 4"
  • Tape roll max width: 7.9" diameter
  • Dimensions of machine: 14.9" x 11" x 8.7"
  • Weight: 21bs

The SAE-75 offers a random key, a dial setting for one set length, a repeat key, an electric tape cutter and an auto-repeater.

If you need to make sure your tape works with this dispenser, send us an end roll and the specs for dispensing. We're glad to help!

Real Cyklop machines are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Don't let a cheap Chinese import break on you in the middle of a busy day.