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Gummed Tape Dispensers Index

Quality gummed tape dispensers backed by the longest warranty in the industry.

Electric Gummed Tape Dispensers & Manual Gummed Tape Dispensers

Why you should purchase your next gummed tape dispenser from Tigerseal Products

At Tigerseal Products we have almost 30 years of service and sales in the packaging industry.  Our in-depth knowledge insures that you will be purchasing an excellent tape dispenser that has been thoroughly tested before it ships out our door.  Gummed tape dispensers like our Phoenix models, come with our exclusive FULL 2-1/2 year parts and labor warranty. It is the best warranty in the industry. Not only is it the longest warranty, we cover ALL parts and service. We don't exclude normal wear items or limit the labor warranty to a shorter time period. No fine print. We back our products 100%. So, whether you need a new tape dispenser or parts and service for an existing tape dispenser, call us for the best products and service available.

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Phoenix E-1 Gummed Tape DispenserPhoenix E-1

The tape dispenser with 14 + years of proven performance AND reliability. Popular competitively priced electric tape dispenser. Features pre-set tape lengths from 6"-45". Strongest and longest warranty in the industry - 2-½ year exclusive parts and labor warranty from Tigerseal Products. Superior carton sealing.

Phoenix E-1 Premier HD Gummed Tape DispenserPhoenix E-1 Premier HD

The best automatic tape dispenser for gummed tape. Similar to Phoenix E-1 but with added features such as color coded key pad, chrome hardened feed wheels, chrome shear oiler. High speed tape dispensing. While loaded with features, the Phoenix E-1 Premier HD cost less then comparable units 2-½ year exclusive parts an labor warranty from Tigerseal Products. Extremely easy to use and miantain.

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Phoenix E-2/E-3 Gummed Tape DispensersPhoenix E-4 Evantage

We upgraded the E-1 with an Auto Tape Feed & Programmable Tape Lengths. With our superior Auto Tape Fee, dispensing is only as-needed. Key pad allows for dispensing of tape lengths from 6"-49" & programmed lengths on demand. 2-½ Year parts and labor warranty from Tigerseal Products.


Phoenix Evolution Gummed Tape DispenserPhoenix Evolution

Developed by McDonald Machine Company - print and code on your gummed tape as it is dispensed. Advanced ink jet printer makes all other tape printers obsolete. Clean, fast, reliable printing. Change messages in seconds. Automatic date-time. Make every carton you ship an advertising billboard for your company and products! 2-½ Year parts and labor warranty exclusively from Tigerseal Products

Cyklop C-25 Gummed Tape DispenserCyklop C-25

The quietest electric tape machine you can buy - also featuring a waterproof "Soft Touch" keyboard.

NPS 98 TM Gummed Tape DispenserNPS 98 TM

Though discontinued, Tigerseal Products features a complete line of replacement parts and service for the NPS 98 TM tape dispenser.



Gummed Tape DispenserBetter Packages® 555

Discontinued, though still in wide use. Tigerseal Products sales and service features replacement parts and service for this model. We have limited supplies of fully reconditioned 555 models also available. We also offer technical support for any questions you may have.



Gummed Tape "Dispenser"Better Packages® 555e

Quality replacement parts and expert service available from Tigerseal Products for this model. 555e Series available in 4 main versions.  Click on link to learn more.


NPS 98 H - Discontinued parts & service available
NPS 98 D Tape Machine - Discontinued parts & service available
NPS 98 VR - Discontinued parts & service available



 Manual Gummed Tape Dispensers

Phoenix M-1 Gummed Tape DispenserPhoenix M-1

The Phoenix M1 manual tape dispenser features superior moistening with a NEW Triple Brush Moistening System exclusively from Tigerseal Products. Uses the same chrome hardened "guillotine" style shears as the electric models so it easily cuts through even the strongest reinforced tapes. Lower in price then competitive models with fewer features & the longest and best warranty in the industry

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Phoenix M-1 Premier Gummed Tape DispenserPhoenix M-1 Premier

Enhanced version of the reliable Phoenix M-1 now with stainless steel tape feed channel, chrome-hardened upper feed wheel, and other features. Provides even better long-term performance yet priced below competitive models. One of the best manual tape dispensers for superior cutting and moistening of gummed tape.

Phoenix M-2 Gummed Tape DispenserPhoenix M-2

Manual tape dispensers don't get any better then this! The Phoenix M2 combines the same Triple Brush Moistening and adjustable weighted Top Heater found in our electric tape machines. The best carton seal from any manual tape machine. More features then any competitive machine at a lower price & a stronger and better warranty exclusively from Tigerseal Products.

Cyklop B-6 Gummed Tape DispenserCyklop B-6

Do you pack just a few boxes a day, but they're really big? The B-6 has one of the longest tape lengths dispensed with one pull in the industry at 42". Italian engineering means the triple-action lever is a breeze to pull.

Gummed Tape DispenserBetter Packages® 333

Quality replacement parts and expert service available from Tigerseal Products. Call today.

NPS 52 Gummed Tape DispenserNPS 52

DISCONTINUED PARTS & SERVICE STILL AVAILABLE Like all of the NPS tape dispensers, the 52 is a solidly built machine that will provide years of trouble free service. Incorporates dual moistening brushes and an adjustable weight bar for excellent tape moistening. Heavy chrome "guillotine" type shears can cut any type of gummed tape. 2 handle stops for instantly repeating tape lengths.

Pre-Pack/Pull Tear Dispensers

NPS 22

DISCONTINUED Economical paper tape dispenser for low volume shipping and take-home packages.

NPS 208

DISCONTINUED Dispenses 1-1/2" wide paper tape, gummed side out with pre-set tape lengths from 3" to 8".

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