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Non-reinforced Gummed Tape

Excellent low-cost carton sealing for take-home packages, pallet shipping and pre-pack sealing

  • Secure Bond - Independent testing proves our tape bonds faster than any competitor's tape of like construction
  • All Weather Use - Not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Tapes Through Dust - A patented starch based adhesive absorbs dust and bonds securely to the carton.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Gummed tape is 100% recyclable
  • Pilferage Proof - Fibers on the carton will be irreparably damaged upon tape removal.

ItemWidth (In.)Rolls/CartonRoll Length (ft.)Price/Carton
2-4: $58.50 ea.
5-9: $56.50 ea.
10-19: $54.60 ea.
20-74: $52.60 ea.
75+: $49.99 ea.

Tape ships UPS, FedEx, UPS Hundredweight or Common Carrier. For shipment methods please contact Tigerseal Products at:

1 (800) 899-9389 or sales@tigersealproducts.com.

Also consider one of our superior manul or electric gummed tape dispensers for the best carton seal available!