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Safety Carton Reducer

Save packing material by reducing unnecessary volume of the box.

Safety Carton Reducer

You can't always have the exact size carton. In most cases, you just add extra packing material to secure the contents. The safety carton reducer quickly reduces the carton size to the exact height required.

Advantages of the safety carton reducer:


  • Saves packing material
  • Saves time
  • Reduces the chance of damage to product in transit
  • Lowers shipping cost (less packing material, less weight)
  • Blades covered when not in use, reducing chance of injury
  • Strong steel frame for long life!
Easy to use!

With contents in the carton, run the carton reducer around the inside carton walls. Then, simply cut each corner to the score line created by the carton reducer. Your carton quickly folds down to the new reduced size!

Price: $27.95