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Quality Replacement Parts for NPS 98

Cutting and Moistening Components

Includes immersion heater, water bottle, knife blades and similar components.

Covers and FrameInput ComponentsOperating ComponentsTape Feeding ComponentsCutting and Moistening Components
NPS 98 Diagram - Center View
NPS 98 Parts Diagram - Center view
NPS 98 Diagram - Left View
NPS 98 Parts Diagram - Left view
NPS 98 Diagram - Right View
NPS 98 Parts Diagram - Right view
ItemDiagram #Reference #DescriptionPrice
RP9803998-38Fixed knife blade. Same as RP52039.$15.89
RP9804298-42Knife assembly, complete.$68.00
RP9804498-44Knife hinge bar.$16.50
RP9806598-65Water tank assembly.$34.70
RP9809198-91Rocker arm assembly.$18.50
RP9809298-92Rocker arm stud.$3.25
RP9809598-95Connecting link.$11.37
RP9813398-133Water bottle. Same as RP52133$5.65
RP9813698-136Plunger guide.$10.11
RP9813798-137Plunger and bracket assembly.$6.80
RP9813998-139Connecting link, small.$8.25
RP9814298-142Left hand link stud. Same as RP52237.$3.16
RP9814398-143Right hand link stud.$6.95
RP9814698-146Rocker bracket assembly.$13.66
RP9814898-148Spacer washer.$1.66
RP9818098-180Platen and Weight assembly. Same as RP52180.$27.50
RP9818198-181Platen. Same as RP52181.$7.75
RP9818298-182Platen pivot bar and rod. Same as RP52182.$11.74
RP9818398-183Platen pivot plunger. Same as RP52183.$2.90
RP9818498-184Platen pivot spring. Same as RP52184.$2.00
RP9818598-185Platen pivot bar assembly, complete. Same as RP52185.$18.38
RP9818698-186Platen weight and screw assembly. Same as RP52186.$13.46
RP9819098-190Knife spring. Same as RP52190.$2.17
RP9819298-192Platen weight thumb screw. Same as RP52192.$2.54
RP9819898-198Immersion heater.$160.43
RP98198598-1985Strain relief (package of 5).$6.50
RP98198A98-198ATank heater assembly.$170.12
RP9825198-251Upper knife blade. Same as RP52251.$18.46
RP9825298-252Knife replacement kit. Same as RP52252$35.90
RP9830798-307Moistening brush. Same as RP52307.$14.75
RP9831798-317Natural bristle brush. Same as RP52317.$18.50

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