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Quality Replacement Parts for NPS 98

Input Components

Includes buttons, lights, control board, and similar components.

Covers and FrameInput ComponentsOperating ComponentsTape Feeding ComponentsCutting and Moistening Components
NPS 98 Diagram - Center View
NPS 98 Parts Diagram - Center view
NPS 98 Diagram - Left View
NPS 98 Parts Diagram - Left view
NPS 98 Diagram - Right View
NPS 98 Parts Diagram - Right view
ItemDiagram #Reference #DescriptionPrice
RP98206BB98-206BBRed plastic push button.$2.95
RP98206BR98-206BRBlue plastic push button.$2.95
RP98348A98-348APush button switch assembly.$12.25
RP9853298-532Pilot light.$7.52
RP9860098-600Circuit board assembly.$129.96
RP9860198-60198TM-ND Circuit board assembly.$211.50
RP9861698-616Shorting jumper.$2.90
RP9863298-632Photo interrupter assembly.$34.49
RP98632698-6326Screw, 4-40 x 3/8 (Package of 5)$6.00
RP9864198-641Solid state relay.$49.00
RP9864898-648Random/repeat switch.$20.56
RP9865098-650Touchmatic gear cover assembly, complete.$358.33
RP98650198-650198-ND Gear cover assembly, complete.$748.38
RP9865198-651Photocell bracket.$8.50
RP9865298-652Encoder disc.$28.60

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