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Quality Maco Brand Shipping Tags

Tags are perfect for marking merchandise or inventory!

If you need to tag or ship your products with information such as price, date, status, or location, you might want to buy some of our Maco tags. They are perfect for consignment shops, yard sales, or marking/shipping inventory at your business.

  • Shipping Tags - available plain, wired or strung!
  • Merchandise Tags - avaialable in white and assoretd glo colors
  • SOLD tags - with slit and ring for easy placement
  • Metal Rim  - Easy to write on metail rim tags with wire ring
  • Inventory tags - Streamline inventory management with these 2-part numbered tags
  • Tickets - for admittance, raffle and games


    Shipping Tags
  • Shipping Tags

    Great for marking important information on your products and helping it get where it needs to go. Fiber reinforced punch hole ensures that the tag won't be coming off easily, and the manila color lets your writing stand out. Can come with string or wire for extra durability.

  • Merchandise Tags
  • Merchandise Tags

    Mark your merchandise around your business and convey information to your customers with these decorative shaped merchandise tags, available in white or fluorescent colors for extra visibility. Strung on cotton twine that won't scratch your products like wire strung tags can.

  • Sold Tags
  • Sold Tags

    Sometimes you sell your product without being able to move it off the floor right away. To prevent confusion, mark it SOLD with our brightly colored, high visibility "SOLD" tags. Your customers will easily identify its message.

  • Metal Rim Tags
  • Metal Rim Tags

    Long lasting and durable without sacrificing the ability to be easily written on. These tags won't bend or break off in a busy room, and can be more easily identified than regular tags. Keyring style connection ensures a secure fit to your product.

Inventory Tags
  • Inventory Tags

    Streamline your inventory management! Our inventory tags are sequentially numbered NCR tags with clearly marked fields: inventory date, location, quantity (including unit of measure), description, job no., part no., counted by, checked b

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