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Phoenix M-1 and BP 333 Troubleshooting Guides

Page 2: Feed Handle Won't Return

Diagram showing location of handle return spring and crank return spring

This is a fairly simple problem to correct. The handle return spring, M200HRS (ref. FM48AX) is probably broken.

1. Crank Return Spring - hooks to pin on cutter yoke assembly then goes back to hole in tape basket plate.
2. Handle Return Spring - Hooks to hole on rocker cam then to lower front cover.

Replacing handle return spring:

  1. Seat machine up on its back cover.
  2. There should be two long springs visible. The rocker tension spring is located closest to the left frame. The handle return spring is just to the right of the rocker tension spring.
  3. The handle return spring attaches to the hammer cam. This is a black wooden cam located just under the upper tape plate. The hammer cam has a small hole on the piece that protrudes. The short clip side of the handle return spring goes through this hole.
  4. With the spring clipped to the hammer cam, run the spring around the silver bar and black wooden roller.
  5. Clip the other end of the spring (long clip side) to the middle hole in the lower shelf.

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