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Phoenix M-1 and BP 333 Troubleshooting Guides

Page 1: General Maintenance

Cleaning your tape machine regularly can minimize most problems.

A. Clean Brushes/Tank

  1. Remove water bottle.
  2. Remove moistening tank by pulling up over shelf lip.
  3. Remove moistening brushes. Must have a minimum of 2 brushes to work properly.
  4. Wash out tank and brushes in warm, soapy water.

B. Clean Lower Tape Plate

  1. Remove upper tape plate.
  2. Spray lower tape plate with foaming cleaner.
  3. Dry (if glue residue remains spray with WD-40 [or similar product] to remove dried glue).

C. Clean Shears

Drop the upper shear by moving rod forward. Push down and pull forward on upper shear.

  1. Remove bottle and water tank.

To clean upper shear:

  1. Pull rocker stop rod on right side of machine with right hand and keep in this position until the next step has been accomplished.
  2. Reach inside machine where tank was removed, pull upper shear down and swing out.
  3. Clean shear with foamy cleaner and WD-40 to remove all dirt and dry glue. Shear should not be scraped with hard objects as resulting scratches will cause rapid build-up of glue.

To reinstall upper shear:

  1. Pull rocker stop rod forward with right hand and hold in this position.
  2. Tip knife up into cutting position and push upward so that the knife comes up between lower shear and shear rollers. You may have to slightly push lower shear back to get upper shear to fit between this shear and guide rollers.
For a quick cleaning:

Remove bottle and tank. Raise the upper shear by pushing up on the yoke assembly. The upper shear is attached to the yoke assembly by a shear rod. Push and hold up the yoke assembly shelf. Spray the upper shear with a foaming cleaner and /or WD-40. Dry it off.

D. Clean Upper Feed Wheel

If you notice a build up of tape in the grooves of the upper feed wheel, a wire brush can be used to clean it out. Using a 1/4" drill, run the wire brush in between the grooves of the upper feed wheel.

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