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Phoenix M-1 and BP 333 Troubleshooting Guides

Answers to many simple problems.

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Phoenix M-1 Gummed Tape Dispenser Page 1: General Maintenance

Cleaning your machine regularly.

Page 2: Feed Handle Won't Return

Replacing your handle return spring.

Page 3: Handle Hard To Pull

What to do if the handle is hard to pull and skips.

Page 4: Short Tape Lengths

Problems with either feed wheels or tape plates.

Page 5: Tape Cutting Problems

Your shears may have a buildup of glue.

Page 6: Frequent Tape Jams

This can be caused by many problems.

Page 7: Tape Wetting

Too dry or too wet? It's as simple as adjusting the water level.

Page 8: Machine Leaks Water

May be caused by worn out moistening brushes.